We are here to make you look good and feel good. It’s that simple. We aren’t here to take your money and give you the same tired out shoot experience that everyone else gets. We aren’t going to rush you out the door after 59 minutes. We are going to TAKE THE TIME to look at you, and study your look. We will formulate a shoot concept based on accentuating your features, and minimizing any noticeable flaws.

Some photography groups will feed you the idea that flaws don’t exist. That everyone is ***perfectly beautiful*** in their own way. We believe that’s simply a way to sell a customer below average portraits, disguised in fancy “body positive” packaging.  It’s true that confidence is the most attractive feature, and thats why we consider it a TOP priority to make you FEEL attractive . But you aren’t paying for a pep talk. You are paying us to make you look DESIRABLE in photos. Feeling like a million bucks afterward? That’s the inevitable side effect of knowing you look incredible.

We look forward to making you look and feel 220!